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Welcome to Leeder Services 

Leeder Services is the Australian Distributor for Flexfire LEDs, the manufacturer and supplier of Ultrabright Led lighting strips: Flexfire LEDs designs and produces elegant, efficient, and high brighness LED strip lights that are the preferred choice for architects and designers worldwide. Our mission is to set the standards of excellence within the LED lighting industry by providing only the highest quality fixtures and accessories. We inspire and empower our customers to take an educated step toward the use of ultra-efficient LED lighting.

You will find links in this website that take you to FlexFire this is to assist you in gathering information on the products please do not hesitate to contact LeederServices on any projects or questions you may have as we look forward to assisting in any way possible.

Brightest LED strip lights on the market:  

Why choose Flexfire LEDs?

  1.  We offer the brightest LED strip lights on the market with superior quality LED   Chips, PCB, and Resistors
  2.  Fast shipping –orders are usually boxed up and shipped out and delivered  within  2-4 day  Mail Shipping.
  3.  Customer-friendly warranty and return policies.
  4.  We strive to build and maintain long-term relationships with our distributors,   wholesalers, and retailers.
  5.  Flexfire LEDs are used by architects, designers, homeowners, and businesses all  over the world.

Leeder Services