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Colorbright™ Warm White - 5 Metre Reel- LED strip light

Colorbright™ Warm White - 5 Metre Reel- LED strip light
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What makes Colorbright™ the best LED strip lights for accent lighting?

  1. Colorbright™ Series use 600 LEDs per reel.

    Some sell the LED light strips with ONLY  150 or 300 LEDs per reel. If they have 600 also, look at the lumen.
  2. Very high Lumen count per foot

    Lumens are the measurement if light perceivable to the human eye. In other words, it's the brightness. Our LED strip lights are brighter than others in their class. Though two strips may look the same, look at the specifications to see what the lumen output is. That is the most important.
  3. Colorbright™ LED strip lights use the highest quality materials.

     These LED strips are UL listed and use the best PCB boards, resistors, and 3528 LED chips. All products come with a 2 year warranty.

Technical Details and Specifications:

LED Product

      -Warm White flexible LED strip. Most popular!

Color Temperature 

      -2700K - 3200K

Lumen (Brightness)

      -2,500 lumen per reel / 152 lumen per foot

Quantity per unit

      -Sold per 16 foot reel  [5 meters]

UL listed?

      -Yes, Must be used with a Class 2 Power Supply

Working Voltage

      -12v DC 


      -Fully Dimmable

Beam Angle

      -120 Degrees

Can they be cut?

      -Yes, every third LED

Power consumption

      -2.92 watts per foot / 48 watts per reel

UV emission


LED Count per reel

      -600 LEDs per reel [3528 sized LED chips]

Maximum run length

      -32 feet before you need to run in parallel





















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