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Single Color Touch Series Dimmer

Single Color Touch Series Dimmer
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Product Description

 LED Strip Light Dimming Touch Remote

This brand new product enables you to control the brightness and intensity of our strip lights with the tip of your finger.

-No need for hard pushing or sticky buttons!
-Goes through walls
-Recent dimming memory feature 

Features of the Single Color Dimmer Touch Remote

Control the dimming in multiple ways:

Use the dimming wheel to scroll through and stop at your preferred dimming level.
In the center of the wheel, there are two buttons. These are "Short cuts" to dim down to 10% or up to 100%.
The buttons on the bottom of the remote can be used to increase or decrease brightness levels by 10%.

Technical Parameters

  • Input voltage: DC 12-24V
  • Output channel: three signal output (6A/channel) = total 216W(12V) or 432W (24V).
  • There are three (-) terminals and one (+) terminal at 6 amps each. This is so you may run multiple runs in parallel. 
  • Brightness steps: 256 Levels of brightness on the wheel
  • Brightness Levels: 10
  • Max remote distance: 75ft without barrierrs
  • Controller: RF RGB Touch Controller--Uses (3) AAA batteries
  • Radio Frequency: 433MHz
  • Working Temperature: -30C to +60C

Frequently Asked Questions

 Will the remote remember what dimming level I was on?

 Yes. Whether you turn the strips off from the remote or through a wall switch, the controller will remember the exact dimming level you had the strips previously. 

 Can I have more than two remotes in one area?

Yes, you can. However we have seen rarly that there is some RF interference from the other remote. If this happends, you need to turn off one set of lights while changing others. 

Do I need line of site to change colors of my LED strip lights from the remote and control box?

No, RF (Radio Frequency) does not require line of sight. You can use this through walls and over 75 feet with no obstacles.

There are four terminals! What are the extras for? 

You can connect multiple runs of LED strip lights, or connect one high wattage strip to both terminals.

With LED strip lighting, you may get what is called Voltage Drop (Explained here). (Redirected to the FlexFire LED Site) Let's say you are wanting to install 60 feet of Colorbright single color strip lighting in your living room and want to be able to dim them all on the same dimmer. You can run 32 feet of the colorbright in series (all on one strip from the controller) before it will start to get dim on the end.

If you placed the remote in the middle of the run, you can connect 30 feet off to the right and 30 feet off to the left through the two terminals on the controller. This is a solution to avoid voltage drop!

Did you know that dim lighting sparks creativity? 

A recent study  (Redirects you to the FLexFire LED site) states that higher creativity levels in humans can be sparked by dimming your lights. Set the mood and find your perfect dimming level.

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