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Touch RF Controller for Hybrid Warm White/Bright White Strip Light

Touch RF Controller for Hybrid Warm White/Bright White Strip Light
Product Code: CCT-HYB
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Product Description

Touch Bright White and Warm White Changing LED Strip Light Remote Control

Hybrid series LED strip lights enable you to choose between bright white and warm white to find your perfect shade of white.


Used to control Hybrid Bright White/Warm White LED Strip Reel (white and warm white interlaced led strip), act as a dimmer and it can separately adjust the brightness of the white and warm white in order to get a wide range of color temperature. Easily change the modes of the strip light to be bright white or warm white or any combination in between! Uses RF so there is no need for line of sight.

Important Note:

The hybrid LED strip light controllers will not work with the Magnetic Dimmable Power supplies. You need to choose a non-dimmable LED power supplies.(USA supplied only)

Technical Parameters

  • Input voltage: DC 12 or 24V
  • Output channel: two signal output (6A/channel) = total 144W(12V) or 288W (24V)
  • Function: 8 modes
  • Max remote distance: 20m without barrier
  • Controller: RF Touch Controller--Uses (3) AAA batteries
  • Radio Frequency: 433MHz
  • Working Temperature: -30C to +60C

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