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High CRI (>93) Series Ultra Bright™ LED Strip light - 5 metre reel - Bright White

High CRI (>93) Series Ultra Bright™ LED Strip light - 5 metre reel - Bright White
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Product Description

UL Listed UltraBright™ High CRI Series (>93) LED Strip Lighting Reel
Bright White (sold per 16.4ft reel)

UL Listed LED strip light

What are high CRI LED strip lights?

Not all light is created equal. One may assume just because the color temperature, wattage, and size is the same between two different bulbs they are equal, right? Not quite.

The Color Rendering Index (CRI), also known by some as color accuracy, is a term of measurement of how natural the light given off by a source looks in comparison to the sun. Have you ever purchased a red towel or dress in the store and when you try it on at home or wear it outside in the sun it looks different? This is because the CRI is different between the two light sources. High CRI LEDs will show an objects true pure and vibrant color.

The highest CRI is 100 (like the sun). Most LED strip lights have a very low CRI (60 - 70). Our UltraBright™ High CRI LED strip lights have a minimum 93 CRI and have been measured up to 96 (all other Flexfire LEDs strip lights have a CRI of over 80). Also, these bright white strips are extremely bright, emitting over 7,485 lumen per 16 feet, or 456 lumen per foot.

High CRI LED Strip Lighting

This photo from LED Spots demonstrates the difference between CRIs, give everything else is equal.

This product was initially designed to be used for professional photographers and the film industry. It is quickly becoming integrated in high end grocery product and produce displays, art galleries and museums, donut and pastry racks, in retail locations and dressing rooms as well as under residential cabinets and cupboards. Also, our lights meet the requirements for California Title 24 which requires high CRI in new lighting installations.

Colorbright LED strip light specfications

CRI Test Report:

Click to View the Light Test Reports







UL Listed UltraBright™ strip lights are most commonly used to illuminate:

- Under cabinets and cupboards

     - Produce displays

- Fluorescent replacements in offices

     - Art and statue lighting

- Product displays

     - Photography

- Makeup counters and Hair Salons

     - Film and movie LED lighting

- Bathroom task lighting

     - Above Cabinet Lighting

- in-store displays

     - Product photography








 Technical Details and Specifications:

Product       High CRI Series Ultra Bright™ High Intensity LED strip light
Color Temperature        6000k - 6500k
Lumen (Brightness)       7,485 per 16 feet, or 456 lumen per foot
Quantity per unit       Sold per 16.4ft
UL Listed?       Yes UL 2108, Must be used with class 2 power transformer
Working Voltage       12v DC 
Dimensions       10mm wide 
Beam Angle       120 Degrees
Rigid or Flexible?

      Flexible installation up to 90 degrees. Used on curved surfaces

Power consumption       5.8 watts per foot
UV emission       No
LED Count per reel       600 LEDs
CRI       >93










 What else should I know about UltraBright™ Bright White LED strip lights 

  1. How long will the LED lights last?
    Our bright white LED strip lights are rated at 36,000 hours. That's a long time. That 36,000 hour mark does not mean the LED strip lights will shut off. It means that they will reach 70% luminosity.These bright white led strip lights last much longer than incandescent and fluorescent lighting options.
  2. Where are my LEDs being shipped from?
    All products are shipped directly from Santa Ana, California, USA with USPS Priority 2-day shipping. Products should ship today or tomorrow if you were to order now.
  3. How do I install LED Strip lights?
    Install tips with LED Solderless Connectors for LED strip lights

  4. Looking for LED strips and you need more info
    How do I know which strip light I need?

    Top 4 need to know facts about LED strip lights before purchasing -Beware of inexpensive LED strip lights. There are many ranges of quality at many price points. Educate yourself before buying and be confident with Flexfire LEDs strip lights

LED Strip Light Power Usage Calculator - Which power supply do I need?

Which LED strip light solderless connectors will I need?

     led strip light solderless connector

    Ultrabright Connectors

High CRI LEDs are quickly becoming the new standard within the LED industry. If you need any test reports, we can product those for you. Looking for an USA LED distributor? We are located in Orange County, California, USA.

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